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Medical Cannabis: Time for Clear Thinking- Med Jour Australia

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A well-written article on Medical Cannabis in Australia:

the article is NOT per-reviewed, it is only an opinion




The debate about the medical use of cannabis in Australia has become confused with the proposal for a formal clinical trial instead of proceeding to legislation in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. Debates about prohibition of cannabis have a long history,1 as has the proposal for medical cannabis in Australia.2 Politicians are nervous about being “soft on drugs”, especially before an election. The clinical trial proposed, if successful, presumes that cannabis would then be approved and regulated as a pharmaceutical substance.

We need to be across the facts and options. Cannabis can never be a pharmaceutical agent in the usual sense for medical prescription, as it contains a variety of components of variable potency and actions, depending on its origin, preparation and route of administration. Consequently, cannabis has variable effects in individuals. It will not be possible to determine universally safe dosage of cannabis for individuals based on a clinical trial.

Extreme views in the debate about any form of cannabis decriminalisation are advanced with almost religious fervour. On the one hand, some assert that cannabis is a dangerous, highly addictive drug which causes schizophrenia, and that any move to relax prohibition would be a disaster. This view defies published evidence. On the other hand are those who have used cannabis for years, swearing it causes no trouble. They see prohibition as a totally inappropriate curb on individual freedom.

Keep reading: https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2015/202/2/medical-cannabis-time-clear-thinking

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Thanks for posting that link Matti. 


That's one of the most sane and rational articles I've ever seen published about the medicinal and legal issues around canna.  What I want to know is why no leading politicians seem to have the balls to calmly come out and say something like that instead of fudging around the edges of the issue trying not to piss anyone off while they do nothing?

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Well over the past few years a lot of the cancer medical users in Australia have been using black markets online, sites such as Agora to get good medical cannabis.  I don't blame them for doing so and actually support these sites as a model for Australia to follow.  


I can never see Australia following the US model with pot shops as we get our knickers in a knot with bongs and hydro shops in our community. I say forget worrying about getting it legalised and just support those local professionals online selling medical strains.  


Australia is just like watching groundhog day on these issues and will take years before anything will happen.



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