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Half Yellow Half Green Leaf?

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It's a chimera gene. Plants that are cross bred get this. It's not a canna specific thing. I've had it before. Usually in early stages of veg. As I said earlier Google "Variegation" there's a tonne of information on it. In fact it's a bit of a welcoming trait to some ornamental growers. In my cases and if it is indeed the same thing it's nothing to worry about.
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Nothing to do with nutrient burn.


I've experienced chimeras in budgies, in that case 2 zygotes fuse to create one bird that expresses both base colours (white base on one side and yellow base on the other).


Net pic for eg. post-20731-0-41732600-1423106759_thumb.jpg


AFAIK there are a number of ways the pigment can be blocked to produce variegation, but I don't think it's the same mechanism Frank or I am thinking of...




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