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Sucked Into US Drug War

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Letter to the Editor, Jakarta Post.

It’s hard for me to comprehend how beautiful ancient Asian cultures who have lived harmoniously with the Earth for centuries, got sucked into this shameful and unholy American led “war on drugs”.

It’s actually a war on any drugs not owned by Big Pharma and of course that includes natures best pain relieving plants….. the Opium Poppy, the Cannabis and Coca plants.

Now look at the illegal trade in heroin, pot and coke?

Ask any doctor, opium is the best painkiller on Earth. But Big Pharma wants control of pain relief because that’s the most profitable business around. People spend their life savings trying to get rid of pain.

This war on drugs, started by the USA less than a hundred years ago is rooted in greed and corruption and lies. It was always about monopolies and profit and its use by date is up.

Time we reviewed our whole attitude towards drug use which is truly a health issue and nothing to do with being a criminal.

Humans always have and always will take drugs to try and feel good, or God if you prefer. Hardly a crime.

Michael Balderstone, President
Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party
Nimbin HEMP Embassy, Nimbin 2480 NSW Australia.

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