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Jan Copeland

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Just saw Jan Copland on ABC news talking about medicinal cannabis. 1 in 6 chronic pain sufferers are using it and she is saying it adds another layer of problems to their lives. Saying that it is addictive and that it doesn't work and the people who are using it are generaly younger, with mental health issues and have had "problems" with canna use in the past.

Saying that people are reading reports on twitter and elsewhere on the interwebs about the results of canna, going and trying it and just being hooked on a drug with no benefit.


How does she sleep at night?


Try looking at any clinical trials from around the world, especially Isreal who are really way out infront of the rest of the world.

Forgotten his name but the guy who first isolated thc and cbd is doing great work over there.


She keeps trying to associate canna with opiates and saying terminally ill patients are the only ones she agrees with using it because what do they care, their gonna die soon.


Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, we should slip slop slap on some honey oil for non-surgical treatment. We should be doing alot of things with this miracle plant.


I really dont understand the ignorance and arrogance of some people.


pls move this if needed

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Jan Copeland is a compleat { ASSHOLE } she always has been an always will be another money sucking asshole you are Jan.


You will Bullshit to anyone as long as you can get your funding.


Jan would like to give free cannabis to people that tell her they cant stop using cannabis so they don't have to buy it,What  FUCKING joke you are Jan Copland.


An tell the people that use cannabis for medical prob's to Piss off down the road an that we are all FUCKED up on cannabis an to just take the poison's med's the doctor's  give us to try an cope with chronic pain. 


Hey Jan we all know who  is really all Fucked up Don't we Jan.


You really are a very sick person Jan Copeland so go jam your head back up your asshole where you belong.


Hey Jan I have had to take both pharma med's an cannabis to help me stay alive an cope with this chronic pain an other health prob's an never Fucked up an abused my med's ,What have you got to say about that,Sorry Jan but you ain't smart enough to work that one out are you you are a fraud Jan.




   Regard's Dingo-2008.

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........ you are a fraud Jan.


Yes you are Jan.


Justifying your anti-cannabis bs just to get the government grants you survive off.


You are a leach on the Australian society.


A middle class welfare recipient is all you are in reality. 


Next time you are sitting in church, remember, it's people like you that make baby Jesus cry Jan.


:peace: MongyMan

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