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Early flowering?

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Got two seedlings approx 6inches in size.

Both are supposed to be feminised seeds from Bonza. (haven't had the best luck with their seeds to date) One has white and brown hairs growing from it already which are just withering in the heat.

Will they continue to grow? Or are they in flowering mode already? Can't stand the thought of another year of crap yield.

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that's strange maybe they gave you a damn auto flower , i don't go much on bonza after recently just placing my first order with them i went the expensive buddy shipping to guarantee delivery i received the package but there were seeds missing from what i ordered and they were all scattered and mixed up ..   

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they are in the earliest stages of (pre)flowering.

Has to do with the 10hrs dark you are getting each night

the growth in height will slow because of this too

if you could bring them each night and put them under lights, you might be able to halt the progression of flowers/buds


My outdoor plants are doing the same thing (Indica dominant strain), had to bring them inside to a 24/0 light setup for them to stop flowering.

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Don't worry about how many good grows Uve got under your belt boo!! Worry about your belt having grows under it period! ^_^ everyone has rough harvests gad a 22 inch pant indica perfect node strut ure only gave me a zip on one pretty nice pjant. My first gruw with cfls. So we lelive and learn just be proud u was able to harvest this year they look gr8 so no buggy just try again either dome seeds nod before she's done and I'll be good and well on ur way to a perpetual ^_^
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