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What nutes do you use during flowering outdoors?

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I still haven't found the go to for outdoor grows in terms of flowering nutes...

 molasses and potash are good staples, but interested if anyone has there own fert that they swear by to help get them big solid buds we all want for outdoor grows..

so feel free to share some secrets guys!

Also dont give me the "its not about the nutes its about lighting, big holes, genetics ect ect" as all these things are already in place and im just after that extra edge in terms of quality plant feed

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Wanna spend a lill money & use the one nutrient for the whole grow http://ecoorganicgarden.com.au/products/fertilisers/eco-aminogro/ & for foliar feeding just add http://ecoorganicgarden.com.au/products/fertilisers/eco-seaweed/ & use both 


& if you don't wanna spend money , then go & " BUY " a lill compost tea brewer & start a worm farm ,

this is the best option IMO but will require a lill time & effort by you,


a top dress with worm castings at the start of flower will beat any PK boost in a bottle

assuming your not feeding synthetics & you have plenty of micro life in your soil 


& if you don't want to go organic then pick anyone off the shelf from coles or bunnings they all work 

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Careful not to use the stuff that comes out the tap. Leachate. It can and regularly does have bad bacteria. Best way is to make a tea. Couple of cups of soil into a stocking then into a bucket of neutral water. Aerate with aerator for 24hrs (I do mine for 3 days) and throw in a few tablespoons of molasses. My plants go apeshit for it.
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