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Urgent help needed! Browning tips on potted plant

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Hey guys


This is my first potted plant grown, and basically the last couple of weeks have noticed brown tips which have slowly moved inwards along the leaves, and on more and more leaves. All i know is dad has given it power feed every couple of weeks, but what seems to really have kicked started it was a sprinkling of something called Urea?


From my googling i think i need to flush it, but i have not been able to find proper instructions on if i need to PH the water, and if my issue is "nutriant burn" or what.


I have attached some pics, hope you can help...


This First pic was taken 5 days before the last 2. You can just see some burning on the bottom tips but now its going a bit crazy and has me worried




These 2 pics was taken today





Please help!!


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What you have there is a bad is a bad case of Nutrient burn.


Urea is like pure nitrogen and power feed from memory is something like a 12 in nitrogen. So I would be querying the dosage of the feed.


I always like to flush with PH adjusted water but at this stage I think just tap water will be an improvement. 


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Id just start flushing with water till it's looking better, keep a good eye on growth in general & if no more brown leaves are coming you're good.  At least a week. Then see where she's at in terms of flowering. Your leaves probably wont recover but that's nothing to worry about. You could probably just trim them off & it wont hurt but purely aesthetics. Re-pot is a good idea to. I worked in a fertilizer shed for a while & used to take urea home for my lawn in summer, never tried on my weed plants though. It would burn my lawn easily if it was overdone so for sure that & powerfeed not an excellent combination. Didn't know it was pure nitrogen though, would be okay in small doses during Veg I would think. Your plant should be fine regardless, just back off on the nutes for a little bit. Keep the pics coming!

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