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how many kw/hr

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Roughly how many kw wld you use for a 4x4 indoor grow. With 1000w hps and 1000w ballast. 1 intake fan. 1 exhaust fan and 10000 btu ac/dehumidifier? Do you have intake and exhaust fans on 24/7 ? Or only when lights are on?


1000w = 1kw, the exhaust fan varies alot from cheap to expensive fans centrifugal to axle, im not sure how much air conditioners use on the de-humidifier setting but theu use around .750-1.25kw

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Are the cheap fans less economical?


theres a bit of variances in wattages look at the below fans


6" centrifugal fan is 130watts http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/INLINE-CENTRIFUGAL-EXHAUST-DUCT-FAN-BLOWER-with-METAL-BLADE-LEATHER-JACKET-/261259041870?pt=AU_Seed_Starting_Hydroponics&var=&hash=item3cd4409c4e


6" centrifugal fan 64watts http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/150MM-Centrifugal-Exhaust-Air-Fan-6-Inch-for-Hydroponics-Grow-Ventilation-Odor-/331022593144?pt=AU_Seed_Starting_Hydroponics&hash=item4d127bec78


6" axle fan 25watts http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GROWLUSH-INLINE-VENTILATION-EXHAUST-FAN-6-150MM-25W-VENT-DUCT-EXTRACTOR-FAN-/111492879016?pt=AU_Seed_Starting_Hydroponics&hash=item19f57e52a8


they are chalk and cheese between the fans and have specific uses, i havent had a problem previously using a 6" axle fan with a growlush 150mm carbon filter but they are not designed for that loading and can catch fire but it gives u an idea on wattages being used

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