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Cookies for anxiety, how much to eat?



Hi, I hope this is the right forum, I wasn't sure where to put it, but since I'll be taking it for medical reasons I thought this would be okay. I'm hopefully getting hooked up with some marijuana cookies soon for my anxiety/PTSD/depression/etc, I've never had any before. I'm getting them from a friend, and honestly I have no idea what strain will be in them, I'm not sure they even know. I'm wondering how much should I eat at first just to see if it's okay? I know to wait an hour or two before trying more, but I'm very worried about having too much and suffering the paranoia side effects.


So basically, how much should I try at first? Just a nibble or more?

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thing with eating marijuana is that you don't know till u try it, I could say eat a half a cookie and you do and you green out or suffer paranoia attack or what eva.


when I was a bit younger we made a cake and 9 of us had 1 1 1/2 inch slice and all of us greened out for 3 days( what a cake, never again but) on the 3rd day, all saying when is it gonna end????

but then again we have made other cakes that you can just eat and eat with coffee after coffee, body stoned as.


so to be sure, just break into 4 pieces and try a quarter at a time and see how it goes, sometimes it will come on quick and other times it will drag out coming on and just when you've had another piece, wham it hits you hard and you stoned for days, due to being greedy too quickly(oh well gluttony is my prob I love mj cake lol)


so take this advice and use it well;  no cake/cookie will ever be the same, don't put 2 ounces of hydro leaf in your cake and expect to see much of a weekend, and have plenty of coffee for hydration purposes, lol.   



on a serious note; just a little at a time, next batch could be weaker or stronger who knows until u try it, strength will depend on strain,whether they use the whole leaf matter or they make a butter, 

whether or not it treats what you want it to treat might be a bit of a lottery, people who use mj for medical purposes are usually prescribed a certain strain or it can take years to find one that does what you want it too, best bet to find a good seed supplier from the seed bank reviews, buy some seeds and start growing some different strains(medicinal of course) and experiment


all the info you need is right here at your finger tips, start a thread, ask questions, read and read, someone always around here willing to give their opinion or knowledge.


BE CAREFUL FIRST TIME don't want to scare ya off.... stay smashed.........  

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Greening out, is a turm we use for haveing to much.


The 1st time it happens it can be a lil scarey, there arnt many canna smokers that havent greened out,.


Or not being use to it and hit hits ya very hard.


It affects diffrent people dif ways.


The good thing with cannabis you may green out but it will NOT KILL you like other drugs can it you have a lil bit to much.


Some ppl can have a cold shower and snap out of from a smoking, but with eating it a bit diff the best way with eating as said is start off small and work from there, untill u reach the level that dose the job for you...

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Hey PM,

             As Sunny and Ozzy have stated 'start small'. Every batch of cookies is different, so to say "... have 1/2 a cookie..." would be wrong. It depends on what they have been made with. Butter made with shade leaf has very little effect, where butter made with bud can have a kickass effect. As you say you've never tried cookies be very cautious. Unlike smoke, cookies take a while to bring on their full effect. For example I had a 1/2 and got no effect, so I ate the other 1/2. An hour later it hit me BIGTIME, I was laying in bed with the room spinning, holding on for dare life lol I laugh now but at the time it was not very pleasant at all. Scary.

Unlike smoking, the stone from eating canna is more a body relaxant than a head stone. Medically I find cookies very therapeutic for pain management but again dosage can still be a problem.

It can really be a case of trial and error, but again start small.


Good luck with it


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Hey Monkey


First up I assume you already smoke or vape cannabis, if not I would advise you to try it one of those ways 1st, just a little puff or two initially, to make sure you are happy with the effects before trying edibles as they have a tendency to last longer.  Vaping is probably slightly closer to edibles in terms of effects than smoking, but neither is quite the same, edibles tend to be a bit more body stone centric.  If you have no experience with canna, be aware that it can make anxiety worse for some people, and some strains have this tendency a lot more than others.


Any form of medicinal cannabis use is best done with your own home grown, unless you have a trusted source (trusted grower) or live somewhere with legal dispensaries, for 2 main reasons.  First is knowing your strains, and finding the ones that work for your situation.  2nd is that you know it's been grown properly and safely, harvested at the best time for your needs, and dried properly and preferably cured, and not sprayed with shit like hair or fly spray to add weight.  Commercial hydro buds here in Oz have a tendency to not tick those boxes, some bush weed is okay but even that can be a bit of a lottery when it comes to quality.  These things become more important with edibles so that you have an idea of dosage control.


I'd agree with all of the above, take a cautious approach with unknown edibles, particularly as a first timer.


What I do for edibles is make a canna butter with hash, or hash oil, in coconut oil.  I prefer this to using buds as I can weigh out a consistent amount of a known product with even potency throughout the batch, and then measure out accurate doses to each muffin, cookie, coffee etc.  1 gram of hash per tablespoon of coconut oil and then either measure that into the cookie mix, or if I'm being extra careful I'll make the mix and then dose the oil into each individual muffin/cookie etc.  Everyones dosage is a bit different, and different base materials will also affect dose, so a bit of trial and error is involved initially, and again it's best to start off small and work up.


Best of luck

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