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sh*ts hit the fan!

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Hey everyone hope you're all doing well,

I'm in desperate need of some help, I currently have a seedling only a few weeks old,

It's in miracle gro professional soil, watering with 6.2 pH water,

It's in a grow tent measuring 160x90x60cm and I'm using a 300w vipar led.

I have canna terra nutes but have only used once about a week ago using 0.5ml/1L

Temps have stayed between 24-29c

Watered Sunday 28th December but haven't touched since.

Please help post-55020-0-58444300-1419908160_thumb.jpg

I will take more photos of people are able to help :)

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It may be a bit hot also with compost, id gently repot/transplant it removing as much mirrical grow from its roots as possible. Find some decent garden soil and use 2/3 of that and 1/3 mirracle grow and replant her. I'm no expert but that's what id do. Also recheck new mix's ph again. 

  Good luck, perhaps wait and another member will chime in. 

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Yeah I think you're right there, hopefully this mix I'm doing will help though, I've done roughly 40% soil 40% sand 20% perlite and I'm adding some sulphur to hopefully bring it down that little bit more. I'll add more of any if needed but just playing around with the mix at the moment. Should I let the soil sit for a day before transplanting the plant or is it better to get it out the original soil first
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