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Mighty Vaporiser - a bong in my pocket.

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Well this christmas certainly bought some pleasant surprises, not the least being a new vaporiser... a Storz & Bickle " Mighty". To say that this new vape is anything but a game changer would be to understate how amazing it is to be able to take a tabletop quality vaporiser with you as you travel through your day. I never thought I would see the day when I would be able to carry a bong in my pocket, which is powered by batteries, and I could use it in my daily life, with just a modicum of discretion. 


I have been using the mighty for two days now, having bought it from the wonderful people at Ozbongs. First impressions....solid build, pocketable in front jeans pocket, monster battery..... Taste... better than my Plenty ...and it was good. Excellent vapour volume....all in all excellent.


I love to sip during the whole day, this vape is perfect for that purpose and with a smaller bowl it is a lot more frugal than the plenty. Whilst not cheap, I think the mighty is going to be an answer for those looking for a robust day in  day out vape, providing a volcano/plenty quality vaporiser in a portable package. Highly recommended.


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Ford it has two large I assume Li - Ion batteries... I have developed the habit of charging at night while I watch the TV...it then runs on batteries overnight  ( maybe 4 hits ) then all the following day with maybe another 6 sessions or so... the battery is gebnerally only about 80% gone by the time I put it on charge again... I have a car charger for out of the house... IT is an expensive piece, but for my style of usage there would be few if any better.


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Would you recommend it for the novice vape user? Just thinking about getting into vaping but from what I have been able to read they just don't seem very portable (and work well) which has always put me off. I would sooner spend the $$ and get a good one that works well than be disappointed with the result

Yes I would recommend it for a novice vaper. I was a novice only 16 months ago. I am able to fit mine in the front pocket of a pair of jeans, no problem. But I also have a hip pouch I bought at a camping store which takes the mighty the re packing tool and my avb tin. I use mine 24 hours a day seven days a week and have had zero problems, with vaping you do get what you pay for. I have had some disappointments but am now happy with myb Plenty and my Mighty.

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