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What a find!


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Hey all.


I have a friend (yes mods do have friends :D) that loves going to garage sales markets and swap meets, there isent a week end that goes by she isent at one.


Any who she called in for a coffee about a week ago, she knows i a smoke and said that she had something that she found at one of the markets she goes to, she was looking at all the stuff on a table and spotted this.




She through i would like it so asked the dude how much, he said $5 so she got it.


When she walked away she heard something rattling inside so she open to have a look not know what cannabis seeds looked she seen these lil black seeds so she left em in there, i open up and have a look and i will b stuffed they where canna seeds.




I have no idea if they are viable but if any of em sprout who know what they could be, some long lost strain of an old school stati would b nice.


Time will tell when i try and germ them...

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