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Crispy brown leaves in certain areas - flowering


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Hey all! I seem to have a few problems with some of my flowering Northern Lights at the moment, The are around day 44 of flowering. I am using Dutch Master gold at half strength as when i used it at full strength i was getting alot of nute burn.

But now i have 3 plants which are getting alot of dead brown crispy leaves, they are not yellowing, they are brown and dead. I thought my fan maybe drying them out so i turned it off for the night to see if anything changes tomorrow. Could not giving them enough nutes cause brown dead leaves though? Maybe i need to go to full strength nutes but just add more water ?

I dont think its a temprature issue as i havent seen it go above 30c in there yet, thats with 1 x 700w LED and 2x 600wHPS.


I tried getting a few photos of the trichomes but i only have a small 420 scope and its to hard to take photos through it, but it looks like i have a mix of cloudy and clear at the moment with no amber at all, i checked as i thought maybe when they are nearing completion they might start killing of there fan leaves.

anyway heres a few pics - ( i also have another NL and a Doctor in the same tent under the same lights that are NOT showing brown leaves )










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That sux mate :(.


I would not think the nutes are any problem, unless of course you mixed up your nute bottle with a bottle of paint thinners or something ?.... And mixing full strength with more water makes no sense it is the same as running a smaller percentage, e.g half strength...

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