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Sun/Moon and Day Length Guide

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Just remember to add the civil twilight periods to the day length, otherwise (for Melbourne) you'll be an hour out.


There is about 15 hrs sunlight in Adelaide (including civil twilight), but the days are getting shorter.

The plant wont start to flower until 12-12hrs day-night is reached, is that right? So my plant will continue to grow taller until 12-12, then stop growing and really start blooming?

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Doesn't have to be 12/12 exactly depends mainly on the strain. Some Indicia dominant strains will start early like at about 13 to 14 hour days where as some sativa dom strains especially those from tropical roots will need to be closer to the 12/12.   When working with indoor we use 12/12 as a standard cause 99.99% will flower at these times and we control the light. (Autos, Ruderalis strains will flower at a set time anyway and prefer 18/6 throughout the whole grow including flowering.)


So out door your best indication is watching your plant and you will see it start to flower and when it does it could then nearly double in size.


If memory serves I think Louise commented on this in another thread couple weeks ago.

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Yes, depending on the strain you can expect a doubling or even tripling in size when flowering. Some strains will show it in height and others will just get very bushy, If you know your strain, someone here might have experience with it before and let you know.


And they start using a lot more water and nutrients so have to keep a closer eye on your water reservoir

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