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Is this Leaf Miner damage or something else

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Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Growing Medium: Perlite/Potting mix
Growing Style:
Watering/Feeding Frequency: every three days 3ml Canna Fkores in 1 litre,  2 Litres given
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC):
PH Levels:
Temperature/Humidity Levels:
Air Flow/Fans etc.:
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.):
Total Wattage:
Growth Stage:flowering
Plants Age: 39 days and 19 days Flowering
Cannabis Strain: Diesel Auto


I have pics of the damage to my plant. The research I have done would suggest a leaf miner.


The plant is impacted in the oldest leaves about 1/3 the way up the plant






post-52663-0-95242500-1419200853_thumb.jpg Shows Larger area effected



Being an Auto with somewhere around 50 days to go could spaying it could be worse than the damage the miner is likely to cause? The research I have done tells me they can be difficult to get rid of. I do have a number of things available such as white oil, pyrethrum spray, Tomato fungus and insect spray and Yates Dipel.


Any idea's how to manage this?

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Does not look like typical Leaf Miner damage to me but I have bin wrong before ;)


Because they burrow and are protected from all sides by the leaf they are pretty well immune to sprays. So IF they are leaf miners then the easiest way is to squish them dead inside their den and discard the affected leaves.

Hmmm....couldn't find any insects but will keep looking, There does not appear to be anything on the underside of the affected leaves (or any other leaves that I could see)...any idea's what could cause that? One leaf which I couldn't get a photo of shows a great big area on the leaf that is transparent...cheers thanks for your help

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Slugs, snails, and caterpillars can leave damage like this.


You should be able to find the caterpillars if they are there, usually easier to find their piles of shit and look above the shit to spot them. Snails and slugs you should be able to see on your plant at night or in the morning while still dewy.



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Thanks Nacha, I spent a fair amount of time going through this plant this afternoon and could find no trace of any kind of insects.If it was caterpillars then I may have knocked them off a few days earlier. After making the original I remembered that on Saturday after seeing further signs of damage on my Non performing Diesel decided all three of my girls could do with the treatment. They all got a standard dose of Dipel which is why I may not be able to find any caterpillars today (just a guess) But there does not appear to be any obvious new damage.

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Thanks Wannagrowbuds,


thanks to your input and from what others as well as your self have said it looks likes I have caterpillars again. I am being very vigilant about checking the plants a couple of times a day for any insects or caterpillars. So far, I have found none, but also have not really pulled the heads apart to have a good look although I have been carefully checking under the leaves and stems for damage/insects but have found nothing. Thankfully I don't appear to have any new damage. There will no doubt be more caterpillars from hatching eggs so will have to just try and keep on top of them by manual removal and regular Dipel sprays. I think the most effective way I can treat the bigger plants (still veging) is to spay as it could take a long time just to go through one of these plants where I could easily miss caterpillars if I were to try manual removal as I am sure there would be a few on these sized plants. 

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