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Beware of Dr Greenthumb seedbank guys!

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Hey guys,


HAd a terrible experience with Dr Greenthumb seedbank as advertised in HighTimes - I sent them a cash order before the start of our season, and have been waiting and waiting, I finally contacted them, and was told "we never received you order" - Ok, it happens, so I wait another 2 weeks, and email for an update and was told "we don't have your order, don't ever email here again, and F off!!)


To me that is crap! Just because we are half a world away they think they can treat us like that! I think that is rubbish!

Without customers, business go under and especially in this industry, where the customers are trusting the company will send them what they order (legit strains etc) .

I was told these guys were good, and after getting fed up with Attitudes relaxed non stealth postage I thought bugger it, i'll give them ago.

Well 3 months later, 500$ lighter and nothing to show for it, I would warn any and all aussies to seriously beware of ordering through them, as they are dodgy, rude and you don't get squat, so Aussies, beware!

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Thanks for the replies guys -


Stoned Jester - That's exactly what I feel has happened, even if it wasn't management, could have been a worker etc, but it was carefully wrapped, computer typed addy to avoid suspicion, I reckon there havin a good old laugh at my expense.


Louise - I was told by a mate, don't send registered due to laws (Sender/receiver) so I took his advice. I'm wishing I didn't as I would at least have proof they received the envelope.


The way they have dealt with me asking 2 questions is beyond me, you would think they would at least make an effort to look, not just tell me to f off.


I hate it that I cant do anything, just have to cop it sweet.

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