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Help please, I am nearing a very fruitful harvest and I have been recommended to spray the buds till wet, one hour befor lights out with full ventilation all night. 10 days befor harvest.

To help them fill out even more and taste better.

Has anyone used this stuff it smells like sweet sugar to me.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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"Fabricated in the US and Australia, Brix serves only one purpose: ‘extending’ cannabis. Brix is a liquid consisting of sugar, fluid synthetic material and hormones, in which the buds are dipped after harvest, then hung up and dried. At first sight, Brix-soaked cannabis can almost not be distinguished from unadulterated buds. However, it burns extremely badly and leaves hard ashes.

Brix contains liquid plastic and belongs, amongst other synthetic waxes like shoe polish, to the most harmful cannabis admixtures. A continuous irritating cough, mucus and shortness of breath are only a few consequences. Cancer-causing substances can be set free when Brix impregnated cannabis is burned.  Furthermore, it can contain mutagenic substances."

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