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aromed 4.0 Vaporizer

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Last week I brought myself a early Christmas present and got a Aromed 4.0 Vape from OZ bongs. along with some bubblebags, grinder and oilslick mat. Great service and very good price with the 420crew discount.


The Aromed has many reviews on web that rank it with the Volcano, some say its better in taste, it is cheaper at $560 less 15% discount.




I haven't had a smoke or vape for that matter in 20 years, so I can compare it to anything but a memory.


Firstly, the machine looks very medical, very German in its practical no bells and whistles design, I like it. The machine is fiddle to set up first time, butonce you have done once or twice its a 1 minute job, from box to inhaling.


This thing heats up in about 5 - 10 sec and is very easy to draw. The taste is very good and I never came close to coughing, even after all these years of virgin lungs.


Heat adjustment is by 1 degree increments, it seems accurate and a 5 deg movement is noticeable to me. 


What I really like about tis is the water bubbler/ filter/ cooler, it sound like a bong.The halogen light that provides heat is memorising as it glows brighter as you inhale. The light dims when you stop, it just sits there sound less, with a little glow ( like me) waiting for next pull. No waste




I had some plants go to flower this year and not come back, so I just dry and cured some 1 bud plants. They were strong enough for to get me very wasted, so it works. The mature buds next year will stagger me I think. I did get some pain relief in the form of relaxed muscles and a wandering mind.


The only problem with this Vape is the ground glass joint between the herb holder and water bubbler. Its a beautiful sound as its tight tolerances mate together, but after the heating process they lock together. I rang Oz bongs for adive as I was sure it was going to break. The said if I break it he would send me a new one free. Good service guys.


After some goggling I found glass joints must be lubricate, and my chances of releasing were 50 50. I soaked in very hot soapy water, then used way more strength than my Shoulder surgeon would be happy with and pop. It came apart undamaged.


Good old Vaseline is the best and cheapest lubricant, unless your doing chemistry and need something inert.



Very happy with this machine. 


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Its very good, but I honestly dont know, since I cant compare. I have not use any other vape and so joints or bongs for me. Heaps of You tube vids that say its better than the volcano.


I found a baby bottle brush ( woolies, reject shop) work well to clean inside. I did bust a large chip off bottom of herb holder, the narrow pipe bit that sits in water. That was my fault trying to get pipebrush up it t clean.


Its still usable, but a brought a new one anyway and new water chamber, whip and halogen bulb, so I have a spares kit. The 25mm screen are cheap as to if you buy non genuine.


The are some youtube videos I'll post, 1 video shows how to set up without useing the rubberband attachment to hold the chamber. I really liked that idea, no more pushing the lamp down onto the glass and tring to get it set up straight, Its sooooooo much faster and simple. Just rember when you finish and lift the whole vape away from chamber, the chamber can fall over because of whip pulling it over.


Easier to see and understand with video. Also you can see the warm up light easier, you get everything face the same way, by not mounting in the rubber band.



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I have a piece of cardboard behind the bubbler so it sits about 2cm off the desk.  That way I push the herb holder into the light socket.  Like you, I got the two stuck together for a couple of days.

After a few draws it starts making vapour pretty much constantly so I don't really watch the light on the front once I get it going.


I've had it for less than a week and I've reduced the amount of cones I smoke by 75%!! So very pleased with that.

Would love to try the volcano at some point but happy with this one for now.


Happy vaping

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For me, when set up the old way with the whip facing me on lounge for maximum reach, I would have to lean over to look around at display side to check it was ready. Just gets a little tedious when you want to relax. I don't watch it once its up to temp the first time.


Now I can lay back and not have to check and the connect / disconnect is fast , easy and no chance of doing damage.


I am a light user and use about 0.2gm to 0.25gm per night that gets me great results for pain and helps sleep.


Also if you wash in hot soapy water like me, rinse really well many times. Took me a while to find out why my canna tasted a bit soapy sometimes, not nice. This thing just delivers so much flavour....had same with just a tiny fleck of mold, small white spot mould you see sometimes on stems at base of buds. You can taste everything in the Aromed


I think there brilliant, try filling the water chamber with water then into the fridge till you want it. Cool water makes it even smoother, but I reckon you loose a little taste.

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