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vaporizer: balloon vs draw

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I've been thinking of getting a vaporizer but want to save up and get a good one. Getting very confused about balloon vs draw vapos.


Now i like my smoke thick, currently I smoke using spotting knives but use bongs on occasion. I don't mix with tobacco.... Yuk why would you ruin the taste of Good bud?


What do you think is the best type of vapos to get thick smoke from?

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I switched to vape several months ago, I went with a silver surfer plug in vape. I used to smoke a pipe and loved the big lung full of smoke, I find that I get a good lung feeling from the silver surfer after I dialled it in properly and now I much prefer vape over smoking.


I've never tried a balloon style vape,


check out the "vape critic" google search him and check out his reviews for some good advice. definitely worth getting a good one over a cheaper option in my opinion, good luck with it all.

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May I suggest the Arizer Extreme Q...no this is not an advert or a plug for the machine, this is sheer love for it....for 1/4 of the price of the Volcano you are getting a really good quality machine, I will admit that the Volcano is more accurate on its temps, but after playing around for a while you get your routine down. Plus you get the benefit of vaping off a whip or a balloon. I like both and for different reasons. The whip is my #1 choice, its personal and really only share with those sitting next to you, the balloon is more like a pass around joint. The whip you are able to mod to fit an 18mm glass bong fitting and have a vape/bong (you can also rig the balloons up to do the same). The flavour and stone effect is much the same, I just like having a whip all ready to go, heated up and sitting on the side table of the couch and can pull a vape when the urge hits me. The balloon on the other hand you don't really want it sitting too long inside the bad as the vape cools, the THC and goodies crystalize on the inside of the bag. But google the Arizer Extreme Q and see how many happy people there are, I cant recall one negative from memory

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