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Hermi or Not Hermi.. this is the Question?

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First let me say I'm a bit wacked so please excuse the spelling...


Was in a discussion with a mate this afternoon and he stated that he would never grow from BAG SEED because it means that it is from a Hermaphrodite plant.


But I said that it could be from a accidentally fertilized bud from a female plant, (With everybody growing these days) some pollen could be blown on the wind from the male plant in the backyard of the guy down the street.


Also if you leave your female plant WAY past it's due date, (you know cant get to it for awhile cause of the broken leg or something ;) ) a female plant just before it dies, in a last ditch attempt to continue the species, will start to produce pollen sacks in an attempt to self pollinate or pollinate any other female in the area. ( In the same way you choke a Citrus tree with wire to make it produce fruit) and any other female seeded this way would therefore produce feminised seeds.


anyway this got me to thinking


By growing bag seed are we polluting the gene strains and should we do it.


Would be interested to hear what you think.

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First up there really isn't a third gender "hermaphrodite". Both male and female cannabis plants can produce intersexual traits ie staminate or male flowers on a female plant or pistils showing up on a male plant. A male developing pistils is less common, I've only seen one at home in 30 odd years of green gardening.


Bag seed might be the result of intersexual traits (ie a female plant producing pollen during flowering) or accidental (or possibly intentional) pollination by a male plant, but it is unlikely that the pollen was produced late in flower, simply because the seed wouldn't have had enough time to mature before harvest.




By growing bag seed are we polluting the gene strains and should we do it.


I really can't see growing bag seed effecting anything... the only issue I have with bag seed is not knowing what you are going to get. These days I like to know (before harvest) what sort of a bud I am growing.

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