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sucess wwithout tent


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Hey guys , ive been contiplating the idea ive growing with out a tent as im getting sick of it always being to crowded to work in , just curiouse to here from ppl who just grow in a room with out a tent and get there opinions , or from ppl who have made the switch
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I found growing in a room quite easy. As Louise mentioned one of the biggest downfalls is less reflected light. I do find that the buds closer to the walls or the section of panda are noticeably more compact.


I don't find it a big enough problem to have bothered hanging more panda yet but ideally I would if I could be bothered.


Ask away if you have any specific questions.



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I used to grow in rooms 3x3 meters in size, I use to take the doors off inbuilt cupboards and run 2 x 300mm fans for exhausts. I use to also create a false wall using framing and plasta board about 300mm wide off the window, then cut out 300mm inlet holes x2 in the ceiling above the window. This allowed the window to be open without appearing suss from outside, I also use to have the blinds pulled to a certain angle and put lil pics on the false wall (this helped for any nosey neighbours etc, as it just looked like a normal bedroom from outside. Then I used to pace 4-6 plants in the room and cover them with 8 x 600w lights. The plants covered the entire room as I grew them in 50L pots. The yield was big. Of course going to this much length is not everyone's cup of tea, but I needed to make sure peering neighbours were not going to be a problem. If your not going to use the entire room then you can make your own dividers, using panda plastic and timber or poly pipe framing going from the lamp shade high down to the base of your plant, and using the corners of your room to help reflect. I have grown in tents, they are ok but as you said yourself, they restrict you. Good luck with it!
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