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my seeds are not sprouting

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I have pretty much done the same method with all the seeds i used, although 2 i placed in solution for 24hrs before the paper towel method. Im a bit confused as the seeds i planted direct into the rockwool without the paper towel method have overtaken the seeds which i used the paper towel method


The Purple power seed didnt split, so i removed it from the rockwool and tried the paper towel method, still no split, so last night i dropped both the PP seed i had previously planted aswell as another into water to soak overnight, all the other seeds have split by now but both Purple power seeds havent changed... is it possible to receive "dud" seeds of one strain?


Also one of my seedlings has popped up - funnily enough its the one i planted 1 day after the others ... BUT if you look at the stem it looks bent and thin.... does this mean it will die? if so id prefer to just sprout a new one.


Is it normal for all the seedlings to grow at such very different rates or does this indicate theirs an issue with the rockwool? strange that they thrived for 2 days, then suddenly all stopped except two, yet one of those two is all bent and zigzag looking...would it be the way i placed them in the rockwool?



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How old are the seeds and have they been handled a bit.

As they get older the outer case gets harder and less open to moisture penetration and if you handle them with your hands too much

the oils from your skin also affect the permeability of the seed case.


With my old seeds (before I glass of water them) I like to scratch the case a bit.


Get a small glass jar and inside place a small piece of sandpaper cut to a size where it sits against the inside walls.

Sandpaper should be rough to touch with hands but not excessive (not sanding a table here ;)).

Place the seeds inside , put lid on and give them a bit of a shake (gently does it).

This will scratch the hardened case and allow the water to enter and start the germination process.

This will also scratch through any excessive oils.


Hope they sprout for you.

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ohh thats a new one, ill give that a try today. im thinking of starting over again, as by the looks of things the seed roots are growing in circles, like a coil. the only time i handled them was getting them into the rockwool, but even then i think i just transfered them using paper towel. Ill try the sandpaper method... i also read that you can get seeds to sprout in a sponge which helps the direction of the roots stay focused, instead of doing curly circles like mine have. as to how to transfer them from sponge to rockwool....well i'll have to look into that further, as i can imagine damage being done during the transfer.

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do you think perhaps its due to the rockwool, as i covered the seeds with a bit of the rockwool once the shoot was showing, but perhaps i have compacted the rockwool to tighly so the sprout cannot emerge and has caused the taproot to go up down and around in circles before thinning out? i was planning on not using soil as a growing medium, but maby soil is more easily manipulated by the seed emerging than rockwool.


i scrapped all seeds except 2, and have fresh ones all soaking - hopefully second time lucky :D Kind of funny really, the most basic part and i have to f**k it up hahaha.

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