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Hi, I was wondering if anyone would like to share their recipes for brewing tea!?

I'm fairly new to hydroponics and there is so much to take in, but one technique i'm fairly certain about, just from reading the plethora of perks, is using 'bennie tea' in my grow.

there are many forums and threads on this, but after a search i couldn't find anything here.

Anyways, I have been doing a bit of sourcing of ingredients and some are harder to find than others of course.  Some are local and some not so local...

The 2 most important/popular ingredients seem to be Aquashield(liquified chicken shite with live bacteria) and Ancient forest(which seems to be different from just straight worm casings. my understanding is it's been refined, and seems to be the best one to use for bennie tea)

3rd most important seems to be 'mycorrhizae' and some brands touted about are 'great white - orca' and 'xtream gardening - mykos' the latter having a shop here in oz which suits me.

I hope to hear from some Aussie growers on this subject, perhaps some advise, or even a recipe with substituted local ingredients. either way it's my first post/thread, i intend on taking my time and sharing more in depth discussion on future tea recipes and idea's.



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Hey mate,


although I don't use in hydroponics I brew my own teas for my veggies patches.


first of all, that ancient earth from advanced nutrients is just potassium humate, potassium fulvate + water. Have a look on eBay can buy your own powdered form heaps cheaper.


on top of that I add powdered seaweed + a bit of fish emulsion, this all acts as food for bacteria fungi.


now for the bacteria and fungi I just add a handful of compost from the garden and a handful of worm castings from my worm farm which will contain everything you need to start with


I put the compost/castings in a stocking and let it hang in water bubbling overnight then its good to go.

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