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The Road


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This is with out doupt a great movie. However, to say it is 'good' just doesnt work. This movie captures the essence of humanity in decline so well, that positive feedback ALMOST seems inappropriate.

The line up is Steller; You got the guy that played Aragorn from LOR and Guy Pearce makes a cameo appearence. The kid kills it for real, best actor there. Not sure what his name is but "We'll be watching his career with great interest, the force is strong with this one."



What is it about *SPOILER* well scroll. V





The end of the world, basically. They give you little to no idea what happend. Your left with the rudament of INFORMATION. In a world driven by media (atm) this is the first real shock. No one knows what happend, and they really dont care much about deep questions. They put more energy into surviving. Maintaining their humanity OR choosing to become something else, moral?? lines are drawn. Out of necessity as oppossed to a need to 'discover'.

We are basically taken right back to square one and not even asked IF we'd like to start again. MAYBE that is an option. We dont know. Perhaps our childrens children will be able to tell you. But as for the life time of the veiwer, they'd know one thing and one thing alone. I'm completely and utterly fucked; and yet ... I'd choose hope. I CHOOSE to survive, or not.

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