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Have you got plans for the day medical cannabis gets approved in austr



Just thought i would see if anyone else is in the same kind boat as me. I dont think ive ever posted here explaining what brought me into the world of growing cannabis. Long story short i have close family members who for years have been using it for medicinal purpose, some who have been caught buying and in possession of it and have done jail time for it too, These are genuinely sick people, some of which are terminally ill, These are the people who brought me into the world of growing and i do give most of my grow away for free.

Ive only been growing since about mid this year and i feel its not only helped me and my family but its also turned into a great hobby which i would love to do on a much bigger scale, However the feeling of knowing you could potentially end up in prison at any moment is rather stressful.


Anyway! I have noticed that this year alot of good things have gone into motion in terms of medical cannabis being approved for trials in some states and i hope it all goes well. If there comes a day when it gets fully approved i would love to start growing properly, with a shopfront and with real patients, I know ALOT of you probably have the same idea, i even have a business name already registered and a business plan of sorts which a few friends have helped me write up, as i can see it being both a good way to help people with a genuine illness but also a great way to make a living.

Im wondering how the whole "dispensary" thing would work in Australia if it does get approved?



  1. would we need some kind of qualifications that allow us to do it?
  2. Does the owner of the shop have to have a medical license to issue the medicine ?
  3. once approved, are we even going to be allowed to grow and issue it our selves or will the big medical companies take over?
  4. do you think we will ever get to the same point as certain american states where the dispensaries are just like shops where you walk in buy it


I have seen the way the MASSIVE companies in America are producing it, running in extremely huge complexes and cramming thousands of plants in 1 room in what looks to be a typical SOG method, There are full hazmat style suits involved with the production and it all looks very clinical, To me this isnt the way it should be handled, it looks and feels disgusting.



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IMO here is Australia it will work nothing like it dose in the USA.


To begin with if it approved for med canna here it will be a very small % of people that are ill that will be able to apply for it and odds are even a small % will be approved.


Here it will be controlled by the gov and pharma companys.


Here in Australia it is still a long road ahead of us for it to be available for any and all med use.


just my 2c worth...

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It would be grate if it became an industry like America has for MM but the harsh reality is that Ozzy420 is spot on, but "Pharmaceutical cannabis" will be what we get hear in Australia not medical marijuana.

If its anything like Sativex its going to be so expensive to buy that if you do get approved you may not be able to afford it. Sativex cost about 16k a year and is not on the PBS.

Our government has taken the worst option toward regulating the MM industry, handing it over to the people that have done their best to keep it illegal and will most likely sabotage the results and prices to suit their share holders, Big Pharma. 


I commend you on setting up the ground work for a legal dispensary and i do hope you get there and i hope in some respects i am wrong but keep in mind the outlay would be HUGE if California's model is anything to go by, the state tax alone to run the shops are staggeringly high, you need to keep books up to date and every single gram accounted for, its taxed again even more heavily and then on top of that they are run "not for profit" and anything more than running costs, wages and funds to procure/procure stock must be donated to charities and the like. To be honest i agree with that, it will keep the crime gangs out of it.


The only way i can see a Australia changing their ways and regulating cannabis for medical or recreational use any time in the next 5-10 years is if America in 2016 when they go to the federal election pass cannabis legalisation at a federal level where its will be totally legal then maybe the UK will follow and then possibly Australia 


However if anything is going to be the driving force to regulate a cannabis industry its the multi billion dollar a year industry that can be forged around cannabis. Keep in mind America is a house of cards that is always looking for something to prop up their economy weather it be a war, oil, gold or technology and the dot com boom tho strong is not enough any more they need something new to boost their economy and cannabis is their ticket, just google "the dot bong boom"  


                                                                perhaps cannabis was always their economical "get out of jail free card"?

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I've got plans, big plans once things become legal on a recreational scale here. All you get from me llol


edit: won't be grown hydroponically in AUS on a commercial scale.


but good hygeine will not only be needed for a medical crop, but it helps with overall efficiency in regards to pest management. Which can factor into any type of crop becoming a financial burden

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I'd have to agree with Ozzy

We might see canna given the green light for medical

But that medical approval will only be for pharmaceutical grade (Sativex) or something the AMA can have a opinion on and not smokable green vegetable matter

As for recreational use, I can't see it in my lifetime. It is a drug and therefore the TGA would need to approve of it. The TGA is made up of members of the AMA and there is no way any doctor/medico association is going to approve the smoking of any substance.


That's my view


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