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Medical Marijuana for Cancer treatment, help please.



Hi Guys,


I realise that I could probably find most of the info I need without asking... but I am sure some of you will have done the research for me, and as such wanted to save myself some time....


I have researched this a little in the past, thinking I might make some oil for my wife's back pain, and my sick dog.... but never really pursued it with any vigor.


One of my best mate's old man has recently been diagnosed with Cancer.


Unfortunately it is in a few places throughout his body and he has been given 6-12 months to live.


My mate used to smoke with me when we were younger, but now has no contacts... so he gave me a call.


his old man is actually the one who suggested it and asked him to source some to make oil.  he has seen the Mullaway method and living on acreage he is keen to give it a go.


so, my main questions are:


- he wants to buy a pound to make the oil.  I will be sourcing this for him, is it best to get Hydro or bush buds ?  I am hoping I can access either...

- I cant seem to find the video at the moment, but recall that Mullaway method involved cooking the buds in some sort of alcohol, in the outdoors.  Is the substance readily available ?

- moving forward, I will suggest he gets some of his own growing... though might not work given the time frame (may have to be indoors to get a quicker harvest)... but assuming he could, what strains would be best for making the oil.  He is after pain relief as he is on a cocktail of drugs, but I guess he might also be thinking it could actually help prolong his life also.  I have quite a few different seeds at the moment, but didnt purchase them with medicinal purposes in mind.


Any help or advice is sincerely appreciated.



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Hey Billy,
For a start, good on ya for giving ya mate a hand, we all need a bit of a hand at some point and a bit of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' never goes a miss. You say he wants to buy a pound to make oil. I'd recommend starting a bit smaller, maybe an oz. See if he receives a benefit, forking out the $$$ for an elbow can be an expensive way to go if the benefit is minimal, so start small. Also depending on the individual and the pain, the benefit may vary depending on the strain so it will be a bit of trial and error to see which strain works best for him. I've made oil with mulled bud and with crystally head leaf with the same effect, now I just use head leaf. Most people usually just biff the trimmings so you maybe able to pick it up for free
I make my own oil and its real easy to do. I use isopropyl alcohol, the same stuff that's in the swabs the dr uses before taking blood. An acquaintance of mine did actually buy a box of swabs and squeezed the alcohol out of them, but that was a piss around method. Electronic wholesalers stock it in 4 ltr containers, much easier. Its used to clean circuit boards before and after soldering. Some people may ask questions on why you want it and saying 'for cleaning circuit boards' is a legitimate excuse. Also cleaning chemical wholesalers stock it for cleaning, so that's another avenue to obtain it.
With my first few batches I soaked the mulled herb in iso for a week, this went a real dark green colour because soaking it for that long removed the chlorophyll form it. Upon reading up a bit more I found that the QWISO or quick wash method works much quicker and easier without removing the chlorophyll and rather than soaking of a week the whole process can be done over a weekend. iTiC, a member here, has a how to guide here in refinement, so go have a look. He calls it 'the sunny method'. Here is what I did https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/7166-iso-oil/?do=findComment&comment=397571 Notice the rich brown colour rather than the nasty green.
To reduce it down and evaporate the iso I used a rice cooker. Iso is an alcohol and is HIGHLY flammable. DO NOT heat it on the stove Not that long ago about 20km from me there was a report of a 'drug lab explosion'. This bloke was cookin iso oil on the gas stove, the fumes ignited, the blast exploded every window in the house and the kitchen was destroyed. I take the rice cooker out into the middle of my backyard where the breeze blows the fumes away and render it down out there. I heat it until all of the iso has gone. The resulting oil goes a bit like toffee and needs to be warmed to make it a liquid or like I do heat a wire bag tie and swipe it through the oil to obtain a spot and I add this as a topper to a cone.

In short, its simple and easy to make, so long as you are safe.


Good luck with it all and let us know how you get on


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Thanks for your thoughts Faith :)


And thank you Merl1n for taking to time to write that up for me.... the process seems easy enough i guess, I assume the reason my mate wants a pound is it was probably the first thing he read when looking online how to make it, and after looking at the Rick Simpson guide, i reckon this is what he saw.


I will keep ya posted when we get to making it.


Cheers again,



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