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U-Turn by Nulife

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hey guys and girls


im doing a full grow under 600w of LED lights in a small tent just looked up Bonzabud a product i have used previously but seeing its no longer avaliable, U-Turn by Nulife seems to be its replacement


im growing Great White Shark and Chronic both have big cola's but im thinking i may loose those cola's due to flowering with the LED lights, so im thinking of using the U-Turn product is there any health hazards using this product? and can someone who has used it tell me when i will need to apply it?

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Afaik it contains paclobutrazol may be chloremaquat chloride but I doubt it. Paclo is a plant growth retardant. First of all yes it is registered for use on edible crops, but only for stone fruit crops and it is meant to be used on stem, well before fruit is ripening. It is not registered for short term edible crops, only ornamental.


now the key thing is paclo blocks the gibberillin pathways within the plant, these same pathways are how resin are produced.


lastly it is possible to mimick very similar reactions in cannabis plants with plant growth hormones, specifically cytokinins. Which can be found organically in high solutions in certain seaweed products.


so yeh fuck u turn if you are growing bud for human consumption

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I haven't used this kind of PGR (paclobutrazol) and never would.


If using it I would take this into account;


PREPARATION AND USE OF PRODUCT: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. After use and before eating, drinking or smoking, wash hands, arms and face thoroughly with soap and water.


Long term Effect: repeated or prolonged exposure to Paclobutrazol may effect liver.


Avoid contaminating waterways.


Toxic to aquatic organisms 96hrs LC50 rainbow trout 27.8mg/L


48hrs LC50 Daphinia magna 33.2mg/L



The negative affect this product has on quality combined with the health risks (to my knowledge there have been no studies into smoking plant material containing Paclobutrazol) are what steer me away from these type of products and part of the reason I grow my own.


Naycha :peace:

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It is my understanding the Uturn is a PGR or plant growth regulator. Now I say '...my understanding...' as I have not seen an original container nor a list of ingredients which makes me suspect it is paclo based. Many connoisseur growers stay well away from such substances and although it has been approved for use on edible crops, there is very little to no information on smokables and the health hazards of pgr's.

It comes as a 3 part mix, a,b and c. You add a+b when lights are changed to 12/12, then 5 days later add a+c. The benefit is that basically the upward growth stops upon adding a+b, then when you add a+c the flowers start fairly much straight away.



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U-Turn is definitely Paclobutrazol based with the only other ingredients being water and inert fillers.


Some more info on Paclobutrazol.


Half life in soil is typically 43 – 618 days with an average of 182 days. Degradation in a water-sediment system. The data indicate a low degradation rate in both the water and the whole system. The half-life determined for the whole system was 164 d, with most of the paclobutrazol remaining in the water phase. Do not contaminate dams, waterways or sewers with this product or the containers which have held this product.



Naycha :peace:

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ahh spewin :( what would u guys use to keep the main cola's on untipped plants nice and tight as in the nodes close together? from what ive seen of LED grows u either get small or big pop corn buds, some of the huge cola's on youtube are just shit talkers i reckon and they have used HID lighting lol


are there any other products that will decrease the stretching?

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