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Some issues/questions. LST, nute burn? pics

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Hey guys, i watered my plant yesterday with about 4-5L of water(tap, ph is 6.9) - its 8 weeks old, strain is most likely chronic, it suffered some nute burn early on(week 2/3) and i transplanted it out of some bad soil and since then its been happy and healthy. Gave it a seasol water bout 10 days ago 

Hadnt watered it since the seasol watering as the pot felt quite heavy, after this watering i didnt get that much run off and today the tips of some of the leaves are turning a dark brownish color..

Should i flush it wish more water and ensure run off?  

Its also been extremely hot in sydney with temps over 30 degrees the past few days and its been getting full sun daily, could it be heat stress?  
I also started LST on it yesterday as its been healthy and happy and ready for it, now this has happened  :/ should i continue the lst? 
Ive also been spraying with with some hydrogen peroxide diluted to try get rid of the white flies could that have caused this? >.< 






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You shouldn't get but burn from regular Seasol. Unless you are using powerfeed.


Ether way that's very minor. Hit it with water like you said. Should be fine. Lst won't cause dramas as long as you didn't crack the stem.

Ye its defs regular seasol not powerfeed, was thinking nute burn maybe coz its in yates pottin mix wit dynamic lifter which has some slow release ferts so maybe the lack of a proper run off watering caused it ?


don't think that's nute burn mate

just banging in to the sides of pot & soil 

bit of water on leaves when watering maybe

no biggy 

Hmm i hope so, soil was damp from the watering n the lst position it was in had them leafs right against the soil


U guys suggest i hit it with more water and let it have proper run off this time n see what that does? 

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