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Day at the Cup

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and the winner was.......... well ill let you tell everyone ozstoner.

Ended up being a long day, i was a judge and got there at 11am.

other judges started to turn up after that and each team had to agrea on there teams winner, as you would expect each person had personal fav and on my team each was differnt.

My peronal fav was 5, which turned out to be afagani and the other 2 in my team liked 1 ( it smelled like dog shit to me) it turned out to be Doublegum.

well by this time a lot of people were starting to rock up , there was also a VIP team who had 3hrs on the day to smoke themselfs into oblivin and come up with there winner, and just to help them some more 2 late hash entries were chucked in for em to smoke( the 1 hash entrie i smoked nearly put me in a coma and it didnt even win very strong stuff).

as you would expect there was a 3 way tie so 1 person from each team went for a gruelling desion making smoke off, i bowed out of that and Ghani took my place. about an hour passed when they all stagered out of the room and a winner had been chosen.

At this stage it was close to 3pm and the bud was well and trully flowing bettwen everyone there. i saw guys turn up with huge bags and start pulling out massive buds, hmmm big bud entries i thouht as they passed thru my gruby little fingers, but to my suprise when they were given back the owner started ripping buds of and started to chop up in what looked like a huge salad bowl with a pot leaf on the side.

thruout the day joints were passed bettwen everyone , you would have a joint passed to you with a smile and a "durban good shit" or "super skunk its great" spoken on the way.

I passed up many a smoke as i wanted to keep hanging on as long as i could and not become a melting mess in the corner.

i was told by my mate rodwal that kiwi would be turning up and to look out for him, well seeing i hadnt a clue what he looked like i was gunna be guessing. well i saw this guy walk in and head up the back , i jumped to my feet and thought thats him its gotta be i reached rod and kiwi had already introduced himself to him, names were thrown around ,along with hand shakes and smiles and it was good to meet some one you knew as a friend but had never meet before.

The day passed as the joint rolling comp went off, the big bud was won by a guy with a 38gram bud, i talked to him later trying to find out what it was he said he didnt know exactly just it was handed to him as a clone a while ago and it was good. he even said that it was nerly twice as big but he cut it down alot.

There were so many charecters there like Sam I Am a very loud dude who never shut up and showed everyone who wanted to know how to roll blunts , and one guy who even bought along his own cut lunch and drink so he never had to move from his seat, and he never did only to get up and stumble out the door to go home..

So all in all a good day was had buy all and everyone cant wait to have it bigger and better next year. lol


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  • Admin

Hey Boulder,


We really apologise for the delay with this however we are just waiting on some final details before posting... we will have it posted on the site Monday evening 9th December 2002.


To help make up for the delay we will be running a competition to win a Sydney Cannabis Cup Judges T-Shirt & a set of Porch Creations Magic Herb Bags.

Details on this competition will be posted on the release of the report.


There are currently some private pictures from the cannabis cup posted in the 420Crew forums...


If you had your picture taken by me on the day and are not a member of the 420Crew, but would like a copy then please email or pm me so we can organise to send you a copy, once sufficient proof of identity is provided eg another photo of yourself.

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