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Repotting in flower

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Hey guys, I've got a couple of autos growing in pots outside, they have been flowering for a week now. Both pretty happy, but one of them isn't as big as the other, and looking at the drain holes I think it's because it's become rootbound. The other one is in a much bigger pot. Should I repot the smaller root bound one or should I just leave it alone and avoid any issues from interfering with it this late into its life? They are both the same strain, I'm guessing I will get half the yield from the smaller one than the bigger one is how much it is being affected by too small a pot.
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While I didn't bother to repot, it certainly could have done to be I think.  Not really any fattening up in the week since I started the thread.  However, thought I would post a bit of an update of sorts with a couple of pictures of the bigger plant.  I'm really happy with how well it is coming along, at a guess I'm not really expecting much more than an ounce all up from this one, anybody else got a better idea? Also I would like to pick a little for next weekend, I know it won't be ready or anything but want a little home grown for something.  Going to be worth it?




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