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Hey guys!


Ive been smoking alot of oil latley :afro: and have been experimenting with different ways of smoking it,  Alot of people get nervous when i pull out the nail and dome(It reminds some people of hard drugs like ice or heroin)... So i recently purchased a snoop dog g pen from www.uniquevapor.com.au and ive got to say im pretty impressed.


It hits like an oil rig and is far less inconspicuous wich is great for smoking on the go... its also pretty good for vaping dry herb.


i give it a 4/5


the high score is only because ive had other portable vapes... and to be honest... for oil this is the best vaping method ive tried.


Yours truly



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Thanks Sizalinescreen, Matti mentioned this pen when she was in Cali and I have been wondering if there was an Australian distributor.


Unfortunately the person who did the content population was on serious drugs and dipping relentlessly into a Thesaurus for their choice of words... So I am wondering if you can tell me what this means...


* Durability Index of G Pen Herbal Tank is more or less 6-8 weeks


Does this mean I will need to replace the tank in 6 - 8 weeks? Or refill the tank in 6 - 8 weeks?


Thanks :D

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I have finally bought the (Snoop Dogg) GPen 


I have been using the G pen exclusively since it arrived last week.

I tried (a different branded one) whilst in USA on holiday and at the Medical Cannabis Conference, and quite enjoyed it - so I knew I'd take to using a pen.

Price, under $40 with shipping (ebay)

Temp is around 380/395 F 


I'm tasting turpins that I had not tasted before, I really like that

The 'high' is different too since I am burning at a different temp than usual

I would give it 4.5 out of 5 (highly recommend)


(mostly) stealth when in public

nice weight comfy to hold

easy to fill with canna holds only 0.025gms - about 3 or 4 hits (vs 1 with a dry pipe)

can use hash or oils with it too- this is where it shines, with the hash 

don't need any attachments to vape hash/oil



combusts dry contents (vs vape) turns it into ash 

has a hot spot on the coil (burns canna unevenly)

only the one temperature (on)





* Durability Index of G Pen Herbal Tank is more or less 6-8 weeks


Does this mean I will need to replace the tank in 6 - 8 weeks? Or refill the tank in 6 - 8 weeks?


Thanks :D

Crap, I'm thinking the 'tank' needs to be replaced every 6-8w

I've been cleaning mine daily could see how its life is short-lived (cheap-ish)

can buy replacements @ 2/$15 

Guess I'll be reporting in on that early next year


I'd recommend a GPen to most anyone...

but it is a highly personal thing to change your mode of smoking, so not everyone will enjoy using it

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I picked up one of these yesterday for 50 at a local store - meh to saving 10 bucks and waiting - I wanted it now. 


I wouldn't called it a vap even tho its sold as one - its more like an easy replacement to a joint. 


Really enjoying it and will be used for trips away where a bong would be a pain and risky. 


I would recommend it same as Matti

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