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help with breeding from an IBL

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I have Serious Seeds Bubblegum to grow out this summer.  It is apparently an IBL. 


I do not understand genetics and breeding and was wondering if it is worth trying to make seeds, should I happen to get males and females.


I guess I really want to know how true to the original plant I could expect from this type of cross.


Hope this makes sense to someone!




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IBL is an inbred plant

Breeding an inbred with an inbred is fraught with problems

Some genes are recessive some are dominant.

When dominant genes are interbred they fight each other and you can get stronger traits or you end up with mutated traits

So although they may not be the traits you want to mess with, by interbreeding interbred plants some traits may be reinforced, others may be eliminated, others maybe mutated, ya never know.


Now this is a real simplistic explanation but 'in a nut shell' that's what you are looking at. 


Hope it helps


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IMO an IBL should produce uniform offspring.


The real issue is whether the strain is a true inbred line or just advertised as such by the breeder.


You will not know how close the offspring are to the parents until you grown them out.


Breeding your own Cannabis is very rewarding and I think you should give it a go.


Naycha :peace:

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Thanks Merl1n and Naycha.  Sounds like I'd be better off crossing different strains than 2 Bubblegums.


Unfortunately I can't risk growing too many plants which limits possibilities for breeding experiments although I'll definitely give it a go on a very small scale.

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