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anyone using a growlush fan with a speed controller

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Yes I know there shit house fans but I have had these since my first indoor grow attempt.didnt want to spend a shitload on my first try.since then I moved outdoors as I'm out bush and there's no better condition then outside in summer.I have 2 8" growlush fans setup in my 1.2 x 1.2 2m high tent.they are fine during the day but just alittle on the noisey side at night so I'm thinking of grabbing a smscom dual fan speed controller.I've heard crap fans let out a humming noise so I take it the growlush fans will.how loud is the humming compared to full speed on a 8" growlush fan.dont really want to hand over thatmsuch money for a temp control unit if the humming is as loud as the fan at full speed.I will be upgrading after this grow.
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I have a 6' one and fan speed controller, so far have had no issues with them.


With grow lush stuff i think the biggest issue ppl had was there ballests and globes arnt very good.


Oh and there carbon filters just dont cut it as well i have found, it was ok for veg but once in bud it dident do what it was ment to and the smell was getting through...

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The one u see on ebay with the red switch on it is the one i have.


Dont know about any hum or buzz from it i dont stand near it and listern.


I do know that a speed controller can have a hum to it dont know why it dose it can happen for some ppl it is a issue but for most i dont think it is...

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Same as Ozzy here with the controller & i have a growlush 6" centri


the fan dose have a slight hum that is there all the time but you only

notice the hum when fan speed/noise is decreased to round half way

but we are talking a very slight hum, outside my room i hear fan noise more so then any hum  


If noise is your concern have a look at some video's on recording studio builds ,

like http://youtu.be/jkSj4Ntd0PQ if you can be bothered sitting though it he has some good info 

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