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filter + cooltube single system tent?

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hey guys,


i have a question for the tent growers in here. im looking to head inside with a 3x1.5x2m tent. the plan is to run 4x600w in there. i would like to hear from anyone who has this kind of setup as to whether i could get away with running the filter/exhaust fan to run straight through my cooltubes and outside, all in one system? the plan would be to use 8inch cooltubes for max airflow. anyone have this experience? i dont want to have heat issues first try. also the can max pro series fans..... anyone tried these new models?



thanks in advance

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yes you can

Are you changing lamps from MH to HPS ?

With duct at each end & all in a row , that's a pull apart & put back together job to change lamps

cool tubes are fun like that !


The only way to find out about possible heat is " TO " give it a try , being prepared is good , absolutely , but experience will move you forward 

with a tent it's prob more about tent location ( attic , basement , garage , state , Whoop Whoop near Upper Cum-Buka West , is it ? ) & where you pull air from & exhaust to that will make most difference to heat

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thanks for the imput guys, i luckily am able to pull cool air from under the house (in woop woop:-)) into the tent, and exhaust elsewhere. im swinging from left and right with 150mm or 200mm fans, as im trying to decide to either run everything in a line, filter, 4x cooltubes and outside or to split 2x 150mm lines. 1st line from a 150mm filter and 2nd line from a 150mm cooltube setup, all into a 'v' box conected to a 200mm fan. phew...

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