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Hey guys, I have recently created a support group on Facebook for Australians to gather and discuss methods and tactics to quit synthetic cannabis. If anyone has ever been addicted to synthetic, kronic, spice whatever we know exactly how hard it is to quit. Most of our reasons for getting on the drug in the first place was because of the illegality of regular cannabis. If you know anyone suffering from addiction, withdrawal, or simply wants to start taking steps toward cutting it out of their lives, please invite them to join the page. 


Who am I, I am a citizen of Victoria who has had an addiction to synthetic cannabis for the past 2-3 years, I have been off for 110 hours so far, and have no plans on going back. It has taken everything I have to get to where I am.




I am not running this page for profit or any other malicious reasons, simply put it, I know what it feels like, and I would like to get to know and discuss with other users or ex users, maybe even create a support group where we can arrange to have meetings.  


It takes an addict to know the mind of an addict, this is something I think is important, because we have all been through a similar experience and we know how it feels, how we think, and we can work together to try and come up with methods to beat this.


I know this may not be the right place to post this, maybe it's even the wrong forum completely, however anyone who has tried, or who knows anyone addicted to synthetic cannabis knows that this is serious business, and we must get together to raise awareness before it's too late. 


They are outright exploiting us. They know they are selling a highly addictive drug which many addicts will come back day in day out to buy, the people selling know this, and they are exploiting it. Most of us now have under the table sources, I repeat, this is not a page for sharing a source, this is a page to help addicts like us quit.


Where do regular cannabis smokers come into this?

We can all help by raising awareness of the dangers of smoking synthetic cannabis, that it is NOT a substitute for regular marijuana, it is more like crack cocaine or heroin. If we somehow do raise enough awareness on how these companies are exploiting us and the law, maybe we can start a turn around on cannabis laws in Australia as a whole. I firmly believe in this.


It is getting quite late for me, and I will try to update this and the page as soon as possible. 


Here is where I beg, Admins, Moderators, this is a serious issue that needs to be discussed, if this is the wrong forum or section, please do not remove this thread until I can at least send a reply. Please, help us on this, and in return you may even see results towards the advocacy of cannabis. Please,  I know there are plenty of users who are trying to seek help, but are embarrassed or do not know where to begin. Again, I am only trying to help on an issue that is not being discussed enough and needs more attention from the media, whether it be from newspaper articles, the television or the internet. 


Why social media.
Social media is a proven outlet for people who are trying to promote a cause, this extends beyond the realm of just you and I, I believe that if we can start a movement on social media, we can reach out to those who are trying to seek help, but are too embarrassed, or do not know where to begin. 
It is time that we band together to help one another. It is time we all say no more, and try to push toward the complete ban and criminalisation (for the supplier not the user) of this drug, who to many was a substitute for regular cannabis, and are now hopelessly addicted to something similar to crack or heroin. We must act NOW.
Quoting the lovely Miss. Emma Watson: "If not now, when. If not me, who."
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