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My new bit of kit

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Black leaf Oil Rig


The new bit if glass i got for smoking my oil.


Got it through OzBongs, as all ways great service.


It pulls nice and smooth and gives a nice hit.


Can be used as a bong as well but i will only be using it for Oil, useing it as a bong would be a bitch to keep clean, using only Oil all i do is rince out with ISO and she ready to go again.


I put lighter and grinder in to give an idea of size...



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Excuse my ignorance Ozzy but can I assume from the tags that this could be used for hash as well?  Do you heat the outside of the glass circle bit with a lighter?


Thanks for sharing.

Hey crowsange.


The glass dome comes off so you can heat the nail, the glass nail you can see is what it came with.


I all ready had a titanium one so i swaped them out.


For heating the nail i use a butane torch, the type that a chef would use in cooking.


For hash IMO a nail isent the best to smoke it, i have smoked hash off the nail, hard to explane but it just dident work it gont me stoned but i got a way better hit using hash through a pipe or as a topper...

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