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Make Seeds Female With Bannana Peel

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I dare you as well Frank to give it a go but if you need an absolute definitive reason to

spend a couple of bucks on some bananas & a paper bag , well what can i say 


Here is some info i have on seed sex & ethylene gas

& of cause this will not satisfy you cos not definitive enough or wasn't in Robert C Clarke book Marijuana Botany,

although "you" could make it definitive if you & naycha just gave it a go

but careful something bad might happen like 100% females & we wouldn't want that 


From grasscity.com
Did a little more research on the subject. Turns out that the theories we have presented are the two basic theories about when marijuana determines its sex. You have described what is referred to as the epigmatic approach and I suggest it is the genetic approach. Turns out we may both be right.

I came across a book called 'Marijuana Biology'. In it I found a few paragraphs that may possibly explain and support the banana religion.

The epigmatic approach rejects any chance that sex is determined by genetics, while the genetic approach is incompatible with any environmental control of sex and the occurrence of monoecious strains. It seems that we must incorporate both theories to come to a workable understanding of sexual expression in Cannabis.

The most logical accommodation is to consider that initial sexual characteristics of Cannabis, such as sexual dimorphism of pre-floral plants and primordial differentiation, to be determines by an XY type of genetic inheritance. Although the initial sexual form is determined, the final production of floral organs is influenced by other genes and by environmental conditions which may override the expression of the inherited sexual type. The effect of environment could change the chemical make-up of the plant; for example, carbohydrate-to-nitrogen ratios and fluctuations in metabolic levels in the cytoplasm might alter or mask the chemical interpretations of inherited sexual traits by messengers with cytoplasm. Many tropical drug strains from Africa and Southeast Asia turn hermaphrodite in temperate climates. This is probably a reaction to an introduced environment.

C & P from somewhere else
Treatment of seeds with ethylene gas will increase the resulting number of female plants by about 50%. Ethylene is produced by certain plants (i.e., bananas, cucumbers and melons), and these can be used to treat hempseed in a simple manner. About two weeks before you plan to sprout the seeds, place them in a paper bag, and put that in a plastic bag with the peels of a ripening banana or cucumber. Replace the peels after a couple of days, and change the bags to prevent mould.

Ethylene: One of the 5 plant hormones. The levels and ratios of these 5 hormones has a huge impact on the shape, strucutre, aroma, flavor, flowering time, and disease resistance of the plant. Hormones are the chemical messengers that allow DNA to 'talk' to plant tissues and determine the phenotype. Ethylene is primarily involved in flowering, sex determination, fruit ripening, and sensescence (rot). Ethylene is a simple organic molecule, C2 H4, which can also be represented as H2C=CH2.

In cannabis, female plants will produce male flowers if not enough ethylene is present, or if too much gibberellic acid is present. The intersex condition is due to a combination of genetic and environemental factors. Some plants will not turn male under the most extreme stress, and some plants, especially stretchy tropical sativas, will turn with no stress at all. It is my belief that the stress of severe inbreeding, compounded over several generations, is responsible for the majority of hermaphrodites in the drug cannabis gene pool (DCG) today.

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I use Silver Thiosulphate

Ok , Good luck with that


How did you know they werent gonna be female prior to applying the banana peels.

I don't know but 8 from 8 the first time 4 from 4 the last time round , maybe i'm just a hell of a lucky guy

( Not sure on exact numbers now , 11 seeds the 1st time & 6 the last time the others a no show)


I still dont think that the genetic potential of a seed can be changed. 

then give it ago & prove yourself correct,

just don't use the plastic bag bit, asking for trouble 


however ethylene can be used to suppress male flowers, also used to quicken up senescance

Yep, in growing plants 

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I only just realised this was about changing the sexual expression of already formed seeds. I thought it was about sex reversal.


I agree, the sexual expression of a seed cannot be changed.


I have no need to test this. If you would like to do a rigorous scientific experiment to test this I and I'm sure many others would follow with interest.


Your test/results are far from rigorous but good on you for giving it a go anyway.


Naycha :peace:

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