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Inverted Carbon Filter- is it possible?


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Ideally you should be pulling through a carbon filter rather than pushing as Ozzy has mentioned. Pushing it through will create back pressure on your fan making it work harder whilst reducing its life as opposed to if it was pulling air through.

Regarding crap getting through you can also find smaller intake filters on the market by Phresh which are much like the air filter in a car or air freshener unit etc. If you're going to push it stick one of them in the room before the carbon filter and on your intake fan as well to keep crap, dust and bugs from entering your tent/room. ;)

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I've been doing it that way for 5 plus years fans all work fine but some people reckon they wear the fans out quicker but mine are fine been running the 9. Months of the year . Plus more room in tent for plants as well as I run a large adjustable shade with cool tube in my tent so there wouldn't be room
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I push myself lol  I set it up sucking but the exhaust air noise was waaaay louder than it was exhausting through the cf up on the roof of the cupboard.  I didn't realize that the pre-filter could be placed inside the carbon filter?  Like Stix mentioned it gives more room in the tight space that I have for the moment.

its been doing its job for about 3 an a bit years now-only a couple of mos off here an there and its just starting to leak some aroma now...hope this assists :D


Peace and good gardening eaglehawk

faith :sun:

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Tip to keep the filter in longer working condition, after each grow place filter in direct sunlight for couple of hours to dry out the carbon and any moisture trapped inside.


I do the same as stix and works great for me, I have placed my fan and filter in my roof, giving the room enough fresh air and pushing bad air into the roof away from the plants and the natural circulation of air throught the room.

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