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Lismore man jailed for working on dad's cannabis crop

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I wonder if this is theh marijuana australiana guy???

 Not Kristen. I went to school with him and met his Father. He saw his children as workers, no matter what age. The poor kid got bullied in school as he wasnt well adjusted with a father figure like that.


Kristen got done with 900 plus plants and multiple kilos already packaged out the back of Lismore. This was when his father Michael needed 400k for legal fees for the multi tonne QLD bust. He did his time in NSW then had to face the QLD charges. Kristen is a part time photographer for weddings, I guess his defence saw the doco as an angle to work. His father is an evil man who controls his children through manipulation. He had his primary school children out of school working on that QLD property.

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