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EARLY SKUNK OUTDOOR..... Anyone? Smelly?

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Hi guys well ive pretty much narrowed it down to this years grow... I do pretty much a plant a year to ease my anxietys and crippling pain and about to try my mother on some because of her crippling MS.

I like my skunks....

Ive grown Dutch passion Mazar for a few years but the yield isnt that great to be honest and she is acceptable to mould. Some powerful smoko ....

Every year sydneys summer seems to stuff up with this bloody rain and I loose my plant! Ive come down to two searches.

So its going to be

Early Skunk or
Big Bud x Northern Lights.

Im a little bit worried what skunk might smell like when she is in flower, as the plant will be growing right next door to my neighbour... And shes lives in a grannyflat about  9 metres away from it on the other side of the fence....

Any ideas guys???


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to be honest man, im growing a diesel and had the same worry with smell... i have mine outdoors and my property is surrounded by a 4 foot fence.. the neighbours can see what i have going but in saying that, they have never noticed (as far as i'm aware)... i don't visit them enough to make it sus, i go out and i water them with all my other plants, as though its "normal"...


If u realllllly think about it, and u weren't a smoker, how often would u think "oh thats person is definately growing".. "look at him going to water those pots, it must be pot"... and also when it comes to smell, if it does get hectic, that's when u want to make sure your plants cant be seen... if they r not seen but only smelt and its outdoors, then whos plant is it? who says its weed? plenty of plants have the aroma of weed... i think we all get too caught up with worrying instead of putting our selves into other non-smokers shoes and see that, they dont always have weed or the smell of weed on there mind like us smokers and may actually think nothing of it :)....


dont get me wrong, this is illegal, it is punishable and i do understand COMPLETELY! im just saying that i think ALL of us, including my self are actually just paranoid "because we know"....


i hope this makes sense and i hope it doesnt sound dumb or make u feel dumb lol.. not my intentions, just putting my two cents in :)


peace buddy



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Some people will recognise it by sight or smell... others wont. You don't have to smoke it to have been exposed at some time during your life. The problem is how do you tell if your non smoking neighbour is one of the ones who will, or wont, recognise the smell of pot on the warm afternoon air?

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