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Plant fell over 1 week to harvest

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Bloody hell. Just checked on my Ak47 and it was sideways in the tent. What happened (dumb lesson incoming), I had the 50ltr tub propped up on a sizeable plasticized cardboard box (the kind you'd get an appliance in) because it added the perfect height for the plant/light. It did well the entire flower then 1 freaking week till harvest I'm flushing the plant, walk away and forget about it for 12 hours. The saucer between the pot and cardboard box overflows slightly, drips all over the box, box goes soggy, box loses all structural integrity, plant falls off and goes sideways. Here I am pissed off royally cuz she was doing really well and was chunking up nice, and i've gone and brain farted the whole grow 1 week to go. Hindsight 20/20.


So I picked her up like a sick child, she was all floppy and bent over. Tied her up so she stands straight, doesn't appear like the main stem has split or is stuffed in anyway, just bent. I've been lazy this grow and haven't pruned her that much which somewhat cushioned the colas, none of the stems/colas got damaged it seems, just bent abit. One benefit to overwatering, none of the coco/perlite fell out despite being sideways for a few hours, I'd estimate the roots were unaffected.


Few lessons learned. I'm thinking I'll keep an eye on it over the next 48 hours, if she starts dying she harvested herself early. Was going to string her out abit and chunk her real fat but I reckon the stress of all that will probably stop all growth. Trichs are pure white atm, can't see any amber. If it was going to happen its probably best it happened now, but bloody hell hey.

Let this be a lesson to anyone, don't use cardboard boxes to prop up your plants.

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If the stem and branching are all still intact i dont see this being a problem at all, just make sure its supported and stable. I believe this isn't uncommon outdoors and if its in the flush it shouldn't really be growing anymore just using up the last of the nutrients and maturing.


I havn't any real growing experience but feel confident enough to say dont stress.


Chief :peace:

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Minor update: AK is fine, wouldn't know it had a gnarly spill from looking at it. Got away lucky this time.



why do people prop up there plants anyway? just use chains and hooks to lower the light instead? makes more sense...


For me it's because some plants are smaller or younger than others in flower.  This means the light can't be lowered any further so the only option is to raise the smaller plants.  And yep, add me to the 'plants fall over/fans fall over' crew.  Shit happens, especially once i start adding bud-xl and shooting powder :D


Herby: Rookie mistake hey, pure laziness on my part mate, didn't cost me this time but I've learnt to just put up with moving the light up and down from now on.


Cookiemonster420: House & Garden gets me top heavy heads too brother, that's in the "problems you want to have" basket :D Just used the last of my shooting powder so going to give the liquid version a go.

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