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what comes first?

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sorry to sound like an amateur, but this is my first indoor grow,and i'm not sure what to use first.I have been using "Zennax" fert. it's a 2 part mix for veg(it makes about 1000 litres)There was only one bucket for the vegative stage,but two buckets for the flowering/fruit stage(one for each). My question is: Do i use the flower first, and then the fruit (i assume that's correct), or do i use fruit first,then flower.Or do i mix them both together?(it doesn't say to do that on either of the buckets). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - CALYX.
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The flower/fruit nutrient is one and the same. This is just the name they give to nutrients which are specifically formulated to encourage large fruit or flower production in plants.


So you'd use the vegetative nutrients first, at a low rate to begin with, and slowly increasing concentration, and then when the plants are turned to 12:12 and they start the flowering cycle, change over to using the flowering/fruiting nutrients.


Hydroponic nutrients are often in 2 part forms, where you have to add a certain amount of Part A and Part B to a certain amount of water to make a nutrient solution. This is because these nutrient salts, in a concentrated form together, tend to interact with each other adversely. Some nutrient companies have made perfectly acceptable one part nutrients, but many rely on keeping certain parts separate to ensure maximum solubility of the solutions into water.


Anyway, make sure you find out the instructions for those nutrients, you need to know how much of part a and part b to add to each other and to how much water. You'd probably get a lot of use out of a Truncheon or similar E.C. meter, which will allow you to measure how concentrated the overall nutrient solution is. There are a few threads on Truncheon's here, have a search on the forums and you should find something.


Anyway, hope that helps, and I've moved this thread to the General Questions forums, as the grow diary ones are more for people showing their grows in action. :D


Good luck. ;)

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