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Best and trusted to site to buy online

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Hi, Im from Australia, First time poster long time lurker. I had finally decided to splash out after years of plastic bottles and buy a glass bong. I have put an order in with Onlinesmoke.com.au, the order was taking a while to ship so I thought id check some other people experience and unfortunately it wasn't very positive. Has anyone had and dealing with then recently that can hopefully restore some hope! lol. ]


Plus wanted to know for any future purchases if someone can point me in the direction of a good and trusted site to buy from?


Any info would be muchly appreciated!



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IME, the customer service is poor, p+p is dear, the goods are average and it is like dealing with the devil if you want to cancel an order and get your cash refunded.


My only advice if you have a problem with onlinesmoke - ring, don't email and don't wait for them to ring back if one of the kids answers the phone... ring until you get an adult.

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Just placed a order OZBongs about a week ago now a just waiting for the order to arrive take's about 8 days to arrive here so I am not worried it take's awhile. lol


But one thing I can tell you there service is top class,all emails had a quick reply   to them  with in a day or less,an you can ring them as well,top guy's to talk with as well they even checked the thickness of the glass oil rig I was buying from them when I asked how thick the glass was.


They scored a 15points out of 10points for there service if you get what I mean BLOODY good service an very polite to an old dog like me lol.


Hope this helps you out with your next choice on buying any glass wear or goodies.lol



      Regard's Dingo-2008.

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Thanks heaps for the replies!!!


Online Smokes phone number has a message saying they are doing stock take so they can't answer. So I thought Id give email a go, I emailed at about midday and I got an email back saying that the item I ordered is out of stock and if I wanted to change it or get a refund. I just asked for a refund so Im waiting for that to come through. Providing there is no problem with actually getting the refund I can't really complain about the service from them. Would have been nice for an email to say it was out of stock but I guess its not a perfect world! lol


I've put an order in to Ozbongs now for the same item, They are a little dearer but sounds like its worth it just for the piece of mind. 


Thanks again for the help!!!

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