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Aquarium Fluro

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have a look on the base of the bulb or the side of the tube, It should state the spectrum and lumens.

Post that info and I will let you know if its ok or not,

but if the light is a purply colour then its possible that its a good light for growing and designed to grow aquarium plants.

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If the light actually shows as purple or a blue purple then it could be a heating light mushrooms love them as it's not to bright but still promotes pinning and snakes and lizzards love them too buy any chance was it a reptile in that tank ?


I don't know how mj would preform under it to be honest but I have not tried a hole lot lol

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http://reptile.senet.com.au/price.html <~~ had a good experiance and they are up near you


http://www.reptilecenta.com.au/reptiles/snakes/index.html <~~ never dealt with



study the snake your gonna get as some are obiously more dangerous than others and not suit you as the type of pet you want you will also need to apply for your reptiles licence which you can do through the first breeder or enquire at on e of the bellow addresses


Australian Capital Territory


ACT Environment and Conservation Bureau

G.P.O. Box 1189, Queanbeyan. New South Wales. 2620.

Phone: 02 6299 2929 Fax: 02 6297 8408

Email: colinkillick@npws.nsw.gov.au


New South Wales


National Parks and Wildlife Service

P.O. Box 1967, Hurstville. New South Wales. 2220.

Phone: 02 9585 6537 Fax: 02 9585 6401

Email: wildlife.licensing@npws.nsw.gov.au

Website: http://www.npws.nsw.gov.au http://www.npws.nsw.gov.au/wildlife/licence


Northern Territory


Parks and Wildlife Commission of The Northern Territory.

P.O. Box 496, Palmerston. Northern Territory. 0831.

Phone: 08 8999 4795 Fax: 08 8999 4524

Email Not Available.




National Parks and Wildlife Service.

P.O. Box 155, Albert Street, Brisbane. Queensland. 4002.

Phone: 07 3227 8185 Fax: 07 3227 8749

Email: nqic@env.qld.gov.au


South Australia


Department of Environment and Natural Resources/ Wildlife Management

GPO Box 1782, Adelaide. South Australia. 5001.

Phone: 08 8204 8700 Fax: 08 8204 8717

Website: http://www.wildlifepermit.sa.gov.au




National Parks and Wildlife Service.

P.O. Box 44A, Hobart. Tasmania. 7001.

Phone: 03 6233 8011 Fax: 03 6233 3347

Email: kerryo@delm.tas.gov.au




Game and Wildlife Licensing Unit.

P.O. Box 500, East Melbourne. Victoria. 3002.

Phone: 03 9412 4992 Fax: 03 9412 4788

Email Not Available.


Western Australia


Department of Conservation and Land Management.

Locked Bag 104, Bentley. Western Australia. 6983.

Phone: 08 9334 0333 Fax: 08 9334 0242

Email: normp@calm.wa.gov.au



with the licence application there is a list of Legal snakes for you to own you will notice ball python ain't there despite I had zero problems * bastards * anyway If I can help in anyway let me know

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