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Yield.. indoor

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I am about to setup my first growroom in a few weeks. I have grown outdoors- what strain i have no idea but i managed to get roughly 1 pound from each plant.


I generally just toss them in the ground, water them and occasionally pour some compost from my worm farm on the ground. Nothing too complicated although the plants were only about 5ft tall.


i was just wondering how much 1 hydro plane averages in yield? i know it depends on a lot of different things, but is there an average? Is it possible to get a pound from one hydro plant?


This is quite a debatable topic, so i am interested in hearing the 'true stories' of how much one plant has actually yielded. It does not matter when, or if it was someone else's grow.


Any help will be much appreciated, not just by me but also many others who have wanted to know the answer to this perplexing question.




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thats one plant and in a double wardrobe scenario, now thats not what I get EVERY yeild as sometimes things go wrong that effect the yeild, like last grow I had nice fat buds but they had mould in the middle and it meant I pulled 8ozs and lost 2-3 on the mould.

I also replace my bulb every second grow, and I have a high yeilding strain.

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Thanks so much for the info. i was not sure if things worked the same indoors, but now i feel it will be a fun experiment to try maybe 2 plants under a 600w, and later add another light and a few more plants.


Initially I was going to try the autogrow pots, but now I think it will be something more along the lines of what Chev and his friend are doing. I did find out some good info about those autopots. Apparently there is a setup at Hong Kong airport, and it houses this massive palm tree! The system is more popular in Asia than Australia, despite being around for about 10 yrs.


Cheers to all:)

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