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A few weeks ago Kog sent me his new movie to review and after watching it a few times here's what I’ve got to say about it…


If you’ve never grown outdoors, you will after watching Kog!


Never read the book? Always wanted to, just been too lazy?

Well don’t worry now you can do what you did for all those compulsory English books back in high school & watch the movie instead!


Kog starts off by giving us a brief but informative history of his life & for those of you that have never heard of Kog before now, you will feel you almost know him personally after watching this movie.


Kog takes us through every stage of growing organic cannabis in the great outdoors for commercial & personal use.

From plot preparation, seed selection, germination, watering & fertilising, cloning, breeding, harvest, drying, curing / storage & finally also gives a few tips on selling your harvest & seeds.


Although the movie is mostly aimed at amateur growers, there is always something all growers may learn, from what Kog has to say either about growing cannabis, or the system he has had to confront and we live under everyday.


Even if you think you know all there is to know about growing cannabis, you’re still bound to find Kog one of the most enjoyable grow movies you’ve seen.


Great work Kog you’re a true pioneer.


The VCD can be played on most DVD players (so long as they have VCD of course) & if you don’t have a DVD player then you can just watch it through your computer anyway.

It is a little difficult at times to see some of the detail & the sound quality does lack a little as it unfortunately jumps up & down in volume once or twice during it, so you may have to grab for the remote if your neighbours are close.

All in all though the video quality was fine for VCD.


Sample Clip

More information available at GreenGrassPub.com.au


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