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Just Chopped A Branch...

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heya ppl, just chopped a "test" branch a week early (harvest will be next week) i have hung it to dry in a wardrobe tied upside down. have a few questions..


should i trim/remove fan leaves and the other leaves and should i separate the buds off the stem and dry them seperately? or just leave it all together?


the branch weighed about 20grams, say the stem is about 4 grams.. i should get about 1/4 oz dry bud? is that right? :D


cheers ppl ;)

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Yeah, you'll lose a good 1/2 to 2/3 of total wet weight to dried.


I personally do all my manicuring as soon as the plants are harvested, they're easier to deal with IMO then. I remove main fan leaves, and main branches, dissecting the buds up to the crown into little budlets. I then leave them on a tray with a cover of paper bags or dry these budlets in papers bags themselves. Closed in the early phases, opening twice a day or so, and as they dry fully I remove them and jar them up to cure. These jars are also opened every day initially when they're placed in at the just dry point. (the stems will snap rather than bend)


Other growers like to leave the leaves on to "sheild" the trichomes and buds below them as they hang. There's nothing within the stems which drains down, so it doesn't much matter how you hold it to dry, so it's up to the individual if they want to do their mancuring at the just chopped down or at the dried out stage.


Hope that helps. :D

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I trim ALL the big leafs off and then hang it to dry, Once I finally chop it up I then remove the smaler leaf.

I found that if you leaf the big leafs on then the bud seems to get a weird taste to it.

The upside down thing Is something I also do, some how and dont ask me how or why, But it makes the smoke smoother and taste better, it can also make the bud a little stronger.


When you harvest do it after you have left the plant in the dark for 24 hours.


Keep all your trim though, so that when you have enough you can get some honey oil going.

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I remove all leaf (as practicable) and hang the branches on a line in a warm dark room to dry, it should take about 10 - 14 days for the main coalas to dry properly but the smaller stuff will dry a fair bit quicker. If you only have a little to dry then a wardrobe or similar is ok, just space them out so that they don't contact each other as points of contact can form mould.



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