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'patients On Grass' - In The Government's Backyard

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'Patients on Grass' - in the Government's own backyard!

12:00pm Tuesday 31 August

Medical cannabis protest: The Domain - rear of NSW Parlaiment


Bob Carr has announced that patients shouldn't grow cannabis in their backyards or buy it on the blackmarket - yet this is the reality for patients with serious illnesses in NSW due to the inaction of the Carr Government.


Patients, doctors and supporters will meet in the Government's backyard, the Domain, to ask the Premier when his long-awaited medical trial will start and in what form it will take?


Bring a thermos and a rug, snacks available (Brash's green butter cupcakes - see photo). All welcome.


Edited by Brash
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As per usual Your the voice for most of us,

I hope you kick some ass and educate some fools.

Its way pass the point of legalising it for Medicinal use,

Why wont them crazy ass dumb fucks let someone like Brash live a more fuller life,

people like Brash shouldnt have to take time to educate and try and legalise it for us, It should just be an accepted practice especially in cases like Brash's.

They should let these sorts of people grow as much and how often as they need to.

They dont smoke the weed JUST to feel stoned, It's a bloody day to day thing that they need in order for them to live pain free and in alot of cases Drug free. By drug free I mean those prescriptions which in alot of cases make the poor buggars sicker.


Isnt it enough that these people have to live with a sickness, and being told that there is a drug(MJ) that can help, but yet they only think about thier own fucking pockets.


Brash, Go well and go hard man, Im behind anything you do 100%.

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