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Cannabutter Leaf:butter Ratio

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last batch of butter I made was approx 2 onces of male leaf with 500g butter.

I bought a betty crocker cookie mix and substituted the canna butter into the recipe. The cookies were a great strength. One gave you a bit of a buzz (got my mrs happily bent) and about 3 got me rocking.


I had heaps of butter left over so I made up some more cookies from a recipe in a cookbook. I used about 3 times the amount of cannabutter as I did with the betty crockers


these cookies were lethal. They ruined Mrs D on more than one occasion and did some serious damage to a few of my mates as well. hahahaha, I highly rate the second recipe!

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I enjoy baking with leaf, and rather than make butter, I simply put the leaf in a food processor and give it a good whizz, then do it again in a blender.

The result is a very fine powder which can be tossed into just about any cake recipe. I generally throw in 2 good handfuls for one cake.


I also use a butter cake recipe- the more butter the better. And then i add the leaf, some chopped dates, and grated apple. The finished product tastes like something you would find in a health food shop, and the apple keeps it nice and moist. Mmmmmmm:)


btw.. it can be frozen too.

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