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Training Your Plants

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I was wondering if you guys could help me with a little info on training. firstly what is the best thing to use so I don't damage the plants I could imagine some things would cut the stem over time and pressure. and my next question is at what stage do you guys start trainign the plant do I have to wait till a certain stage of their growth ? . they are clones so they are already matured plants.


the answer to those Q's or some links to training methods would be greatly appreciated thanx again

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not 2 confuse the issue- but, i think there may be 2 different methods that can be used. being: either to train the plnts as they grow to get a specific shape or height, or when they flower to get maximum light down on the budz below the "crowns" on the very tops, this gives more even light distribution to the whole plant for more overall flowerin sights that produce consumable sized nuggets.

or use both :D it's personal, me thinx


just a thought :D

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I am trying to acheive more goiwth on the stem buy exposing it to light I have been told that tis creates new groing tips and fattens the area the plants vegitation will cover.. my other question is doing this do I put the plant back to normal after I get some growth from the new\tips? or do I leave the plant bent for the rest of it's growth



thanx again guys



area is not much of an issue I am after a better yeild

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The plant will soon be trained into the position and should not "bounce back" into the original position if released after a week or two, I have also used plastic garden trellis around my walls to train my plants around, shower curtain rings make good "ties" for that.



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